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    Provo's Deputy Mayor shows he's just another politician who does not c...
    After doing a little late night browsing on my Facebook feed I couldn't help but notice another post in a local Facebook Group opposing BRT. Once again, it was a citizen expressing their opinion on a very important local issue. This is nothing new, as any local who is even semi-involved in local news has seen BRT opinions filling up the news feeds. However, what caught my eye wasn't the post itself, it was the way our Deputy Mayor, Corey Norman, responded.

    As you can see by the image above it was a response you'd expect from a teenage Facebook user who is sick of BRT opposition, not the Deputy Mayor. Corey Norman is a city official who is paid quite handsomely with our tax dollars. While I'm 100% for the BRT going in Provo, I think Corey's response to this concerned citizen was disrespectful.

    Mr. Norman, no matter how much you may disagree with an opinion that isn't yours, we pay your overpriced salary to serve us, to help us understand the agendas you are trying to push and ultimately make our city a better place. I can assure you that won't happen when you not only publicly blow off an opposing opinion, but then follow up with another comment mocking the success of the video. We expect so much more from you than that. Hopefully this was a one time thing, and not a reflection of how the Mayor's Office acts on a daily basis. 
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    New Music from The Str!ke
    Check out this new song from The Str!ke, performed live in Salt Lake. I'm a big Springsteen fan, so I love a good horn section. Plus, the lead singer is wearing a bolo tie ( a la Springsteen, Tunnel of Love album cover) seems the ties run deep. 

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      James Harrow Whoa whoa, they are "The Str!ke" now, c'mon Matt!
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      Alex Whitt This venue looks familiar, anybody know where it is?
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      Brittany Gibbs I'm surprised this band isn't bigger. Now before the hipsters freak out, I realize they are one of the bigger bands in Utah, but their quality should be recognized on a national level. Now again, before the hipsters freak out, when I say national I'm talking these guys should be on the Billboard Top 100.
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    5 Most Influential Women In Utah County
    As a woman I naturally enjoy seeing the views and character of other women, especially ones that are here in our own backyard. I've decided to look at who I follow as well as ask other fellow men/women their opinion, and give you a solid list of the most influential women in Utah County. There are so many more than this list, but combining the social following they have, their contributions to our society (even if it's just putting a smile on our face), and of course their likeability. When you think of the women who are not only pushing Utah County to a better place, but putting women on the map, you can't help but think of these women:

    Mindy Gledhill


    Mindy Gledhill is a popular local musician who seems to specialize in beautiful LDS music. Let's not forget her influence in the amazing growth of The Rooftop Concert Series.

    Susan Peterson


    Other than becoming a Shark Tank sensation, Susan has grown her business into a multi-million dollar business. Her business continues to run locally and has helped put Provo on the map for startups.

    Stephanie Neilson


    She appeared on Oprah. Isn't that enough reason? But seriously, Stephanie is a mainstream blogger and author who through her courageous fight through her daily trials, has been an inspiration to millions of Americans. Her strong faith in the LDS church has also made her a popular figure among church members.

    Mallory Everton


    If you've ever turned on BYUtv you've definitely seen Mallory either in a BYU commercial or her famous role in the Studio C cast. Mallory's contagious smile and laugh along with her ability to help transform local TV has made many laugh and puts her on my list.

    Mia Love


    I can't help put include this politician on the list. Whether you agree or disagree with her political views, Mia has made national attention by becoming the first African American female Republican in Congress, not to mention the first ever African American from Utah to be elected to Congress. Mia helped break many Utah stereotypes and no doubt has some major influence. 
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      Alex Whitt I keep forgetting Mia Love lives in Utah County!
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      Brittany Gibbs I forgot to ask, are there any other women I missed? Feel free to add them below!
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      Anthony Ambriz Some would say Lindsey Stirling, but she no longer lives in Utah. I was going to say two other women, but they're not in Utah County...
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    PRR Reviews Awesome Korean Food Called "CupBop"
    If you haven't already been following Provo Restraunt Review (also known as "PRR") then you are missing out on some good eats here in Provo. If you are sick of eating at the same five places then these guys are a must follow! Check out more of there stuff at
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    Another Provo Album Release. Thoughts?
    Today, DateNight - yet another contender stepping in to the Provo music ring - released their debut EP. What do you think? Likes? Dislikes? I've included a link to the full album stream. It's also available on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play, Amazon, etc. etc.
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    How does the Rooftop Concert Series close Center Street?
    I've been excited to see who will be performing in this year's RCS and noticed that the concerts will no longer be on the top floor of the parking garage. It looks like there is a "94%" chance the concert will be on Center Street in front of the NuSkin building. 

    My question is this: How are the organizers able to shut down a part of Center Street? Does the city charge a fee? Has Provo City taken over the organization? Can anyone just contact the city and get a street blocked off? I'm just curious as to the procedure of how these things are determined.
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      Alex Whitt If you dig into the background of the organization, it was actually put together by a "board" formed by Provo City. So yes, Provo City has VERY strong ties to the concerts so I'm sure it's just one of those auto-approve situations. Plus, when you throw an influential person like Mindy Gledhill on the board anything can get done :)
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      junioraudio It's definitely all the Gledhill factor.
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      Zach Collier I think it's awesome that it's gotten so big that it has to be moved off the roof. Also, think about what that does for business along center street. Restaurants literally an arm's reach away.
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    Is This the Utah Lake Bridge Proposal that Finally Happens?

    Follow the link to the Tribune for a detailed article that includes a link to download the full Mountainland proposal. It includes options for the long discussed Utah Lake Bridge and a proposal for a freeway running on the west side of the lake that would free up I-15 congestion by diverting large truck traffic away from I-15 when traveling north/south through Salt Lake and Utah Counties.
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      Alex Whitt Only if they make it look like the Golden Gate Bridge.
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      Brittany Gibbs It better be! This would be huge for Utah Valley.
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      James Harrow I'm dumbfounded as to why there are a handful of people that oppose a bridge. Not only will this bring even more business to the Provo/Orem area (since most of the Saratoga/Eagle Mountain folks end up going to AF for their shopping) but it would look great! Having a bridge over our lake would only enhance the look. The only argument I've seen is that this will "kill our fish" or "prevent the lake from being cleaned". The first excuse is obviously bizarre thinking, as for the lake being cleaned, haven't we already accepted that Utah Lake is one of the nastiest lakes in Utah? It doesn't get cleaned period.
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